Explore Art for a New Perspective

Sometimes it's important to move outside of our familiar world from time to time to consider a new perspective.

Abstract Canvas Art Painting by wostudios
I like to visit galleries and museums. It gives me the opportunity to see a variety of different art, challenging my perspective and direction I can take my art. I love to see contemporary art, furniture, light fixtures, even buildings, they make me see shapes, textures, and colors in new ways.

Source: tumblr.com via Alesia on Pinterest

I was never a fan of portrait art until I went to an art show that was nothing but portraits and I was blown away. The portraits looked like black and white photos on a very large scale. Up close they were amazing, the detail, textures, and lines used to create these magnificent works of art made me appreciate all the work that goes into each piece.

I let myself discover a whole new art medium and was able to take away that sense of detail and apply it to my own work.

Source: guggenheim-bilbao.es via Tia on Pinterest                                                                                                                                      

Consider going to a museum or gallery, looking through a book, or even an online art collections you are not familiar with or interested in. Give yourself a little time to explore what the collection has to offer, examining the technique used, the perspective, and the style the artist choose.

Modern Acrylic Abstract Painting by FariasFineArt
Then ask yourself what you can take away from the experience, and how you can apply it to your own work. Maybe it will inspire you to work with all new colors, work in a much larger format, or even try something complete different.

We have something to learn from all forms of art. I enjoy this part of being an artist and discovering new ways to be inspired.

What art medium do you want to experience?

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  1. I love the black and white abstract...great movement. I enjoy looking at new kinds of art...I think it's inspiring.

  2. I love to stare at paintings for a long time and try and evoke the feeling the painter is trying to convey. I always think I have a good grasp on it, then I look up the meaning and turns out I don't know squat - LOL! I have a copy of a painting that I loved, "The Dream" by Pablo Picasso, and found out later that it's about something TOTALLY dirty. I won't gross up your blog with the details. I had no idea. I moved it from the living room to the bedroom.

  3. I just went to the Hirshhorn (D.C.) over the weekend where they had an exhibit on Andy Warhol- an amazing piece he did called Shadows- it's panels and panels and panels stretching nearly around the building. AMAZING. Nothing but the grey floor, the white ceiling, and the wall gently curving behind as the piece stretched on and on. It was heaven. I agree- our souls NEED to get out and see things like this. Even if we think there's nothing we'll like.

  4. A beautiful post! I was actually just thinking how I seriously need to take advantage of being in DC, and go to all the museums! It really is great to look at things that are out of your element, it really awakens your soul.

    <3 Kelly

  5. I love art! There are so many different styles and tastes. I love portraits, I love abstracts, I love landscapes... I love so many different kinds, and it's so cool to see different paintings, drawings, and other pieces of art. Thanks for sharing!


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