New at Additions

I don't do this very often, but with a few shows coming up and have created several new pieces and I wanted to share.

Have a peek and let me know what you think.

Pendant necklace with chrome washer
Dangle earring with black c clamp and washer
Bead and wire wrapped hardware necklace
Wire dangle earrings with washers
Multi chain bracelet with washers and chain
What new pieces have you created lately?

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  1. great new stuff!
    I have been in a creative slump this week.
    Trying to get out of it, got big creative plans for the weekend.
    The kids are off school, and my oldest doesn't have to work. That means I don't have to drive ANYWHERE! YAY.
    Hopefully that means new stuff at Raige Creations. We will see. :)

  2. Raige Creations, I hope you have a wonderful creative weekend!

    Thanks Periwinkle Dzyns!

  3. I like the bracelet too. And the c-clamp/washer earrings.

    I'm going to try and kick my creative slump in the butt next week, hopefully a new me will emerge in September :D

  4. Wow, Your new stuff is really great. I especially like the 1st pendant necklace. I have been trying some new designs, but haven't completed anything new in a while. Good luck at your shows.

  5. Thank kzieglerdeisgn and Abracadebra Designs! I hope you both have a creative weekend.

  6. What great pieces! I LOVE the bead and wire-wrapped necklace, and the multi-chain bracelet is really neat, too. :) Fabulous creations, Valerie! I think it's great that they're made of hardware - very cool. :)

  7. Awesome new pieces! I adore the pendant necklace!

  8. They are all stunning - I love the Pendant necklace with the chrome washer. Your entire shop is so lovely.

  9. They're all great, can't decide which of the first four I like the best, the earrings especially. If the bracelet is lightweight- then I like that one a lot.

  10. Thanks everyone for all your kind words!!

    New End Studio, the hardware is amazingly lightweight, so most of my earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are really light!

  11. I really like the first necklace, and the bead & wire wrapped hardware necklace. But they're all GOOD!! Great job! Keep up the good work. =)

  12. They are ALL fantastic ! The clockwork pendant is pure genius and so fun, as is the wire work necklace. It reminds me of a mix of industrial and techno, the glass bugle beads are like electronic transistors ... very cool. Really innovative and I bet they'll sell quickly.

  13. Hi Valerie! Thanks for stopping by my blog - you are lucky to live near the Art Institute of Chicago - I could have spent *so much* more time there! Truly amazing :)
    Also, your jewelry is fantastic - I particularly like the 1st necklace but they are all great! Best of luck with your shows Abby


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