Motivation Monday

It is so easy to get things done when they are routine.

Sometimes to achieve greater success you have to step out of your comfort zone, go out on a limb, and push yourself in a new direction.

Stepping out of your comfortable zone will challenge you and give you the motivation you need for success.

Next time you need a little motivation ask yourself:  what do I need to do to go to the next level? Don't think about the costs or the challenges, just make a list and then create a plan to achieve that success.

What have you done outside of your comfort zone lately?

Do you want to challenge your sales for the fall and holiday season? Join me in my goal to make  100 Sales / 100 Days. The challenge start September 7th.  Check out the September 6th blog post for all the details.

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  1. Today, I started working before the kids went off to school. That is, at 6:45 I started on a set of Toekini's! I usually just enjoy my coffee, the leisurely check emails and FB, and then get my walk in, then contemplate making something. Today, I turned my schedule upside down, and actually accomplished more before 9am than I usually do all day! Though it was uncomfortable to do at first, I am SO glad I did it. And it didn't cost me a thing. :)

  2. My morning work schedule starts tomorrow (ahh! a bit scary), so fingers crossed I get stuff done!

  3. Raige, it sounds like getting an early turned out to be a good thing. Changing up the schedule is a great way to shake things up!

    Kziegler good luck with your new schedule!

  4. Hm, I stepped out of my comfort zone alright some weeks ago, agreeing to post for a major Green Site on a weekly basis. How is this stepping out of a comfort zone? Well, I freak out at the thought of having to stick to the same activity, for months on end; after all it is so relaxing to write for your own blog where you set the rules and the tempo, as opposed to writing for someone else!

  5. Looking forward to your Sept 6th post.

    I've been doing things for the past few months which are definitely not in my comfort zone, but wow, it's a good feeling to do them!

  6. You are absolutely right. I am always churning and pushing and trying to think of some way to improve. It's exhausting :-D

  7. Out of my comfort zone... hm. Well, my current novel-in-progress is like nothing I've written before! Not only is it romance, something I haven't done before... it's a romance between two lesbians. A bit out of my comfort zone, I guess, but it's coming along great! ;)


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