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This is a monthly post where you can share 3 things about yourself or your business. Giving us an opportunity to get to know each other and our businesses.

Suggested ideas:
-business goals or goals you have met
-books you are reading
-a new project you are starting or doing
-places you have visited
-blog posts you have enjoyed
-a post you have written that you would like to share
-new items you have added to your shop
-new materials you are working with
-family plans or an event you are excited about
-need help with an idea - ask for help

All I ask is that you are a follower of my blog to participate and that you check out a few links from the other people who leave comments.

Let me know if you have any suggestions,  ideas or questions.  You can contact me at additionsstyleblog@gmail.com.
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  1. Only a couple of things to share today:

    I dropped off my daughter to college last week as you all know, and my wonderful sister has come to visit me for two weeks to keep me company as I get used to being an empty nester.

    It's also nice to have her here because I have 2 art shows as well. One this weekend and one next weekend. We always have a good time when she helps me with my shows. The weather is going to be beautiful, so I hope they are good show!

    I am looking for blog contributors, if you have an idea and would like to do a post on Everyday Inspired email me and lets talk. Valerie - additionsstyleblog@gmail.com

    I look forward to hearing from everyone, have a great day!

  2. My work schedule is changing from 2nd shift to 1st shift next week, which is a bit scary and awesome at the same time.

    I've sorted out my new blogging schedule, and I'm super pumped to be a contributor here! :D

    I finally got my wire binder, and I'm going to start pumping out books left and right, as soon as I figure out the designs I want. What do you guys look for in a sketchbook?

  3. That's great that your sister is staying for a few weeks, Valerie - I hope you have fun spending time together! :D And good luck at those art shows, too! :)

    And very exciting about the work schedule, Kim, I hope you love it!

    As for me... I'm reading a book called "Fire", by Kristin Cashore. It's a fantasy that I'm enjoying, and once I'm done I'm very excited to start "The Help", by Kathryn Stockett. I've heard good things about it, and I'm looking forward to reading it myself!

    I'm also looking forward to the local fair coming up next weekend. I've entered two of my photographs in it - yay!

    And last of all, my current project is a novel called "The Sandcastle's Way", which is a contemporary fiction/romance. My goal? To finish it! ;)

    Thanks for the chance to share, Valerie! :D

    Taylor Lynn <3

  4. Kzieglerdesign, it sounds like your getting really organized, and I can't wait to have you as a regular contributor on my blog! Your new wire binder sounds cool, I look forward to see your new books.

    Taylor Lynn, I heard The Help was an excellent book, I saw the movie yesterday and I loved it!!
    Congrats on having two photos in your local fair, how exciting. I have been enjoying your story and I look forward to reading more.

    Have a great weekend ladies.

  5. What a lovely idea. I enjoyed reading the previous comments and getting to know Kzieglerdesign's blog because Taylor Lynn's I know very well.

    By the way, Valerie, having guest posters is so refreshing. Taylor, good luck with the photos; Kzieglerdesign, does 1st shift require early waking up?

    On to the three things...

    - Lately I have been reading zenhabits.net on a regular basis and I find that quite refreshing. Would recommend it to anyone who seeks simplicity and clear mind.

    - I have set a goal to have decluttered mornings, i.e. to wake up quietly and NOT sit in front of the computer right after I've brushed my teeth, and NOT start reading my emails straight away. No, it's been 3 days already since made the change: I wake up, jog with my husband (a wink to you, Valerie and Kzieglerdesign), turn on the computer and write my scheduled posts before I check my email. I am much more productive already!

    - The latest project I started has to do with spreading the love! I started presenting blogs I love in my bi-weekly project Blog of the Week.

  6. Kanelstrand, thank you for the link to zenhabits.net, I am always looking for ideas to simplify my everyday habits.

    Your new decluttered mornings sound wonderful!

    I look forward to reading your blog when you have new posts and your posts On a Quest Simplify have been great.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I'm glad you liked the movie, Valerie! Once I read the book I'm hoping to see it. :)


  8. Oh, almost forgot - thanks, Sonya! :D It sounds like you've been up to a lot of great stuff - I'm glad you found a website like zenhabits.com that you enjoy reading, and I hope you continue to enjoy your morning routine!



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