Graffiti Knitting

Five years ago Magda Sayeg is credited for starting a new movement called graffiti knitting or yarn bombing.

It all started when Magda covered the door handle of her boutique with a custom made cozy. People who walked by her shop loved it.

Next, she knitted what looked like a leg warmer for a stop sign down the street; from there she slowly infiltrated Houston with her stitchery. Within a few years, she had tagged dozens of lampposts and stop signs.

Soon she was commissioned to do larger projects. Fortune 500 companies have paid her as much as $20,000 to wrap their wares in yarn. Toyota hired her to knit a Prius a Christmas sweater last year for a promotional video.

She recently covered the air ducts in the Brooklyn offices of Etsy.com.

Graffiti knitting or yarn bombing got a big boost when the book "Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti,” by Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain came out. Yarn bombing is now a international phenomenon.

Check it out on Amazon.com

Have you seen any yarn bombing in your neighborhood?

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  1. Great post! Yarn bombing is funny!

  2. Cool I have never seen anything like that!


  3. That is too funny! I've never seen anything like it...what a fun idea and so colorful!

  4. I haven't seen any yarn around, but I keep noticing little bird houses in trees all over the place, and it makes me happy :)

  5. This is not only awesome but very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

  6. How epic! I haven't personally seen any yarn bombing, but I'd love to head into town one day and just randomly find a knitted stop sign cozy or something. ;D Such a creative way to graffiti, LOL!

  7. Nope, not in my neighborhood. But certainly a wonderful way to bring a smile to people's faces. :)

  8. That would be so cool. Haven't ever seen anything like it.

  9. yarn bombing is so awesome! I'd love to come upon such a cool surprise on the street.

  10. I did one tag on my old street in Oak Park. It was up for a week or so. It's fun to think about what people think when they see ordinary objects covered in yarn. For the longest time there was a tag covering one of the poles outside the Harlem green line stop that said "Go Green." It was very inspiring.

  11. I love this. Isn't/Wasn't there an installation of this at The Morton Arboretum?


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