Review your Plan

I can't believe we are already into the sixth month of 2011.

I just reviewed the plan I wrote at the beginning of the year, and I have actually accomplished a few thing I set out to do this year.

I started adding sponsors to my blog, I reached my goal of 1000 followers on my blog, I added two new collections to my Etsy shop, I got my website completed and live on the web, I joined and participate in a couple of local networking groups.

I still have a lot more on my list that I hope to accomplish this year.  I am currently working on completing one big project a month, as a way to stay motivated and for a sense of accomplishment.

How are you doing on your plan for 2011?

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  1. That's great!

    I am still working on using up all the overstocked supplies and some I am even listing. That is an important goal for me. I am in year two of not buying supplies unless they are needed to complete a project that was begun with supplies on hand.

    It is great to see the fabric rolls decreasing.

    Have a wonderful day and stop by my blog if you get a chance!


  2. I've been making progress on the personal side of my list (becoming more outgoing, going outside more, exercise more) but have let my shop down lately. But, I've also decided on a new direction for my shop and am going to start looking into stock photography.

    I'm also having a sale in honor of my birthday tomorrow, check my blog/facebook/twitter/etsy tomorrow for the coupon code!


  3. Christie what a great goal. It is easy to go out and buy new stuff, but better to flex your creative muscle and use what you have.

    kziegler it's great to hear you are working on a new direction for your shop. Thanks for sharing the info about her sale as well.

  4. Great job, Valerie, that's awesome! My main goal, as it was last year, is to get my novels published. :) Still waiting on that, but it shouldn't be long in coming! :D

  5. Sounds like you're moving right along Valerie! Good for you and congrats!

  6. So far, so good. I seem to constantly come up with new ideas, so my list will never be all crossed off, as I'm continually adding to it! For quite some time I've wanted a separate shop for my green products but the effort involved was so daunting, I knew it must not be time yet! A couple weeks ago, I manifested that vision, and it feels great! Now I'm revamping Simply Smitten, reorganizing, reworking. So much to do everyday... but I LOVE it! I guess I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. :) Glad you're doing so well reaching your goals. When you say 'the sixth month', I find that so hard to believe!!

  7. I got almost everything I planed to do so far. Got 2 blogs going where I post or change something every day, got my youtube channel set up, finally. Started sponsoring giveaways. Got more organized. Stopped procrastinating as much. Now I only have some monthly goals plus a couple more for the year.



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