Be Inspired - Beautiful Flowers

Words to Inspire

“Just living is not enough... One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”
Hans Christian Andersen

Idea to Inspire

Adding flowers to any room will make you smile, adding flowers to every room will make you happy.  Add flowers in your home.  Lots and lots of flowers.

Photos to Inspire

I found these beautiful photos on Flickr.  I hope the beauty of the summer flower inspires you today.

Flowers on the dining room table
Flowers on the dining room table by justmakeit

Nov10 071 Polyanthus and gentians
Nov10 071 Polyanthus and gentians by monica_meeneghan

silk flower arrangement
silk flower arrangement by FlowersByMerdith

Flowers...presented by CK-Selvam

garden flowers
garden flowers by Saidos da Concha
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  1. stunning photographs! Thanks for sharing and brightening my day!

  2. Flowers do cheer you. I have heard that women should buy themselves flowers. I pick them from the yard in the summer and put them in vases.

    Have a great day!|

  3. What lovely flowers! I <3 photo #3. :)

    Flowers are so great to take photos of - I always end up with a ton of flower pics after spring and summer are over!

  4. Valerie ~ what gorgeous flowers, they make me happy just looking at them! Thanks for this post, it'll brighten anyone's day! :)


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