Your Local Brand

Selling online is a wonderful opportunity to sell your creative endeavors all over the world.

I have been lucky enough to sell Additions jewelry to lots of exotic location. Sometimes it seams weird to think about people in Australia,  Malaysia, and Finland, walking around in my jewelry.

Building your brand locally is just as important as building your online brand.

I owned an art school in my community for several years and taught many children and adult jewelry classes. Being part of the community and teaching classes helped me to sell my jewelry, at art shows, in local shops, and at workshops I taught.

When I am out running errands, or hanging out with my family, people still come up to me and say "hey your the jewelry lady". I taught several classes all over my community and the surrounding communities for years, and I still do occasionally.
Here are a few ideas for building your brand locally:

Teach classes - Kids and adults love the opportunity to learn something new.

Do art & craft shows - This is the best way to build your brand locally.

Donate items to local charities - It's and opportunity to share your brand with a variety of local groups.

Attend art openings and community events-  Bring business cards and network.

Sell to local shops - Great way to make money and get feedback from customers.

Sharing your brand locally will benefit you and your business. It's a great way to make a name for yourself, and to share what you do and love with the people in your community.

How do you share your brand in your community?

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  1. I love the post and they are great tips, but the ones I've tried haven't worked out so well for me! The craft shows were a bust, really. I swore them off for awhile. And the two times I've tried to sell locally left me feeling uncomfortable, one especially. It seems that once she had my things in her store, she was kind of bullish. Not wanting people to prefer shopping in my Etsy shop, which okay, I kind of understand (she has her own business to run) but it really wasn't my thing. I like the Etsy shop because it gives me full control, without the egos and eccentricities of others! ;) Oh and by the way, that chakra book that I mentioned the other day is called True Balance A Commonsense Guide to Renewing Your Spirit by Sonia Choquette. I just finished it and loved it, may have to go back and reread, this time taking notes! :)

  2. Great tips! It's true, lots of people like classes.

    And it is kind of strange to think of your products across the world, or even just across the US! I'm from CT, and the first photo I sold in TheForestFaery is hanging on a wall in Santa Fe. It's very fun to think about! :)

  3. Simply Smitten I agree craft shows are hit or miss, but when you have a good one it makes the whole process worth while. Don't swear them off, they are a great opportunity to talk to people, get feedback, and earn extra money.

    Thanks for the title of the chakra book, I will have to check it out!

    Have you ever thought about teaching classes? I think teaching classes on making your own natural beauty products would be very popular.

  4. The trouble is... I've never experienced a great one!! At most, I made back the money I spent on the table. I found most people weren't really looking to buy, just browse or get ideas! ;) Maybe it's the area I live in too, not really a hopping city! I've thought about something along the lines of classes, but nothing specific has hatched yet. Maybe someday down the line though! :)


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