Ready for the Weekend

OK, I know you are tired of hearing about my daughter and how she is graduating from high school on Sunday so I promise this will be the last post.

I am so proud of her, she has worked really hard this year in school, participated in lots of after school activities, and is working a part time job.  She's my baby and I love her lots.

I just want to let you know their won't be a new post until Tuesday 5/31. I was going to try to have a new post on Monday but everything is getting a little crazy with all our family in town.

Don't forget Motivational Monday will start June 6.  I have gathered lots of ideas so we can be motivated all week long.

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I am always open to ideas, suggestions, or even a  message just saying HI. Feel free to email me anytime at additionsstyleblog@gmail.com

Have wonderful three day weekend!

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  1. Congratulations on the graduation!

    Have a safe & fun weekend!

  2. No worries, enjoy it!

  3. No problem - once more, congrats to your daughter!

    See you Tuesday!


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