Motivation Monday

We work hard, and we have our daily projects and routines. There are times when doing those routines can feel like work and not the enjoyable creative work we want to do.

When our creative projects start to feel like work, it's hard to get motivated.

Need motivation?  Try taking on a side project.

Trying something new is always a great way for recharging your business and creative projects.

There are many options for finding a new project:

Teach a class

Write an article

Create something with a materials you have never worked with

Organize a local art show

Volunteer at an art opening

These are just a few suggestion to jump start ideas for your own side project.

I have added a couple of side projects to my working day that have recharged me and my creative process.

What side projects have you taken on lately?

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  1. I know exactly what you are talking about here. I found it getting hard to stay motivated with my craft business until I discovered altered art books and tags a month or so ago. This is a step to the side of what I do and it made me think in different ways. It was stretching me to look outside of the box which has stimulated new design ideas for my business.

  2. Yeah, I agree, staying motivated is tough, especially when not a lot of sales are coming your way. My true passion is seed beadweaving, but I recently purchased some supplies and a good book, and I am going to start doing some micro-macrame. I have about a million ideas in my head for projects, and I am feeling very motivated now - Debbie

  3. I try and learn a new craft every year, this year was crocheting and what a relaxing, peaceful thing to do! I've got stacks of organic dishcloths just waiting for me to do something with them... ;) The process is so pleasant that I just keep ordering more yarn and know eventually I'll understand just what I'm supposed to do with them all! ;)

  4. Totally non related to crafting - playing more with my cats - Fritz plays catch and retrieves a bottlecap, and I've been into cleaning (neglected projects).

    Soon, I'll be ready for new things.

  5. Not really any side projects currently, though I did just write a guest post for another blog (that was fun!)... I'm rewriting one of my novels, doing schoolwork AND reading every day, so I don't have much time for extras!

    What are your side-projects?

  6. Thanks for asking Taylor Lynn.

    I have a big project I have been working on for about a year. It's a short documentary and book project, that is a study of how artists working in different mediums interrupt the same source of inspiration. I have already filmed 5 artists and I have 1 more to go. Then comes all the work, putting it all together.

    I am also working on an e-book I hope to have complete by fall.

    You sound like you are keeping busy, don't forget to take a little time for yourself and enjoy summer!

  7. Wow, that documentary sounds like a big project! I hope it turns out great. :) Good luck with the e-book, too! You sound pretty busy, I hope you enjoy yourself. :)

    Thank you, I will definitely enjoy my summer! :)


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