Create a Word Toolbox

With so many words to choose from it can sometimes be challenging to find the right words to say what you want to say.

To make your writing experience easier, creating a list of words and phrases will inspire you to write more often.

Now your word toolbox does not refer to the words we carry around in our heads all the time. Instead it's a list of those words and phrases that are not as common or don't automatically come to mind when you are writing.

This is a project you can start today and keep adding to for years to come. Use a small or medium notebook just for your word list, and keep it handy.  You want to find it quickly when you are ready to write.

Start gathering word and phrases that make you smile, scare you, jump out at you, sound interesting, make you think, sound beautiful, invite images of action and stillness. These are just a few ideas to get you started.

Try these ideas for finding words for your word toolbox

Open a book to a random page and write down words. Let your eyes jump from word to word, find words that stand out for you.

Buy an old dictionary

Visit your library and look at a variety of books from different sections.

Use magazines 

Start today with a list of 25 words. 

Do your work with a word list?
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  1. Great idea, just because it sounds like such fun! I love using words you don't often hear! :)

  2. Im off to look up words. Love this idea.

  3. This is a wonderful idea. I sometimes struggle to come up with new phrases and new ways to express what I feel and to describe what I am working on for my blog. Love it!


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