Play in Your Garden

A garden is a good way to spend time relaxing and enjoying nature.

Try these ideas to make you garden extra special.

Paint Rocks - Use them as markers for your plants, or paint them to look like ladybugs. This is a fun project to do with kids.

Create banners - Add a little more color to your garden by putting your favorite quotes on fun colorful paper and have it lamented or use water proof fabric.  Add a stake and place them in your garden.

Plant an herb garden - They will smell good when you walk by, and you can clip them and add fresh herbs to your summertime meals.

Illuminate your garden - Add lights along the edge of your garden, or candles along a path.

Create a Zen Garden - All you need is a little bit of space, dirt, a few rocks, and a rake.

Don't have accesses to a garden space, all of these ideas can easily be done inside your home.  Add painted rocks and banners to a shelf or around potted plants. Place some herb plants in a bright sunny window. Add candles around your home, and use a plate or small dish and create a small zen garden.

Taking the time to enjoy your garden and create a beautiful space, will inspire you to spend more time outside this season.  So have fun and create.

What have you created for your garden lately?

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  1. I smiled when I saw the painted rock. My kids all painted rocks and they are int eh flower beds. I coated them with so much polyurethane they are still lovely! They say "please don't tell anyone we painted those!" We are grown" LOL

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. such a clever idea to have an herb garden in a shoe-hanger!

  3. When I used to take yoga classes, the studio had a little dish with sand, some rocks and a mini bridge - a little zen garden. I loved to rake the sand and rearrange everything! :)


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