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This is a monthly post where you can share 3 things about yourself or your business. Giving us an opportunity to get to know each other and our businesses.

Suggested ideas:
-business goals or goals you have met
-books you are reading
-a new project you are starting or doing
-places you have visited
-blog posts you have enjoyed
-a post you have written that you would like to share
-new items you have added to your shop
-new materials you are working with
-family plans or an event you are excited about
-need help with an idea - ask for help

All I ask is that you are a follower of my blog to participate and that you check out a few links from the other people who leave comments.

Let me know if you have any suggestions,  ideas or questions.  You can contact me at additionsstyleblog@gmail.com.
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  1. Hi! I'm Chelsea, I work with my mom, Karyn, and we're Buy Me Love. (www.buymelove.etsy.com)

    We just started a new project, an extension of our original vision, called JuJu Eyeball (www.jujueyeball.etsy.com.) The new shop is for our weirder items, because we felt we were being stunted creatively when we were only focusing on the pretty, girly stuff. We love both styles, but our passion is for the stranger things. So now we have an Etsy shop to fill with them!

    We also just opened a store on Smashion, a site devoted to buying and selling new and gently used fashion items. Here's our lil' shop: http://www.smashion.com/market/store/buymelove

    I spend quite a bit of time on our wordpress blog (www.buymelovestore.wordpress.com.) I've written several posts that have been popular, like our craft show checklist and tips, but the one I'm most proud of recently is this one: http://buymelovestore.wordpress.com/2011/06/18/whatever-weekend-taking-the-pledge-for-a-greener-closet/
    If you're a "green" kind of person, or are looking for a way to add more creativity to your life (and save money,) please read it and join me by posting the pledge on your FB, twitter, blog, etc.!

    Thanks for looking!
    Share the Love,

  2. I've been feeling stuck lately, and then it hit me - there's a whole category of paper products I haven't even tapped the potential of yet: invitations. So I'll be working on that.

    I decided to walk to work on Saturdays from now on (hooray for saving money and getting exercise!). It will take about an hour I think, but that's fine with me. Once I start working more mornings in the late summer/fall, I want to walk more.

    The Cinderella wedding I was designing stuff for went off wonderfully :D And I have 2 more weddings to do coming up, which I'm excited for :)

  3. Chelsea, I like your new store. It looks like you are going to have lots of funky stuff. You blog and your new haircut look great too!

    Kziegler, I am glad to hear you are inspired again. Sounds like you are going to be busy working on weddings for a while.

    Chelsea and kziegler Thanks for sharing today!

    Just a couple of thing to share this month:

    I found a great local group on facebook that talks about local art shows and events. Its been great, I found a couple of shows I am going to add to my fall schedule. Which means I am going to have to start making lots more jewelry.

    I am planning a one day giveaway just for the followers of my blog in July. I will be posting more information soon. Stay tuned.


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