Be Inspired - A Bridge

Words to Inspire

“Sometimes, if you aren't sure about something, you just have to jump off the bridge and grow your wings on the way down.”
Danielle Steel

Idea to Inspire

Take some photos of bridges in your area.  Try taking your pictures from different angles, or close up, a new perspective can inspire new ideas.

Photos to Inspire

My sister inspired this weeks post.  She was attending a training and they had an outing where they took pictures of bridges. She expressed how much they inspired her.

 As soon as she told me about her experience I knew bridges were going to be this weeks theme.  Check out these shots I found on Flickr.

Bridge of Aspiration
Bridge of Aspiration by alex robertson

Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge by Kenny Maths

Bridge BW
Bridge BW by Chris Coward Photography

Webb Bridge, Melbourne, Australia
Webb Bridge Melbourne, Australia by -yury-

Bridge - towards Calton Hill
Bridge - towards Carlton Hill by elemental Paul
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  1. That's a good Danielle Steele quote. These bridge photos show some amazing skill and imagination!

  2. Amazing, inspiring photos!!!! Loving that Danielle Steel quote! Words to remember in letting ourselves grow. ~Val

  3. Gorgeous photos! They sort of give the feeling that you are being transported from one world to another.

  4. These are awesome photos!

    Thanks for sharing!



  5. Ooooh, I love the rainbow bridge!!!

  6. What beautiful photos those bridges make!

  7. Great images. There's some paintings to be had there!


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