Learning to "Go Green"

"Design can eliminate the concept of waste, producing perpetual assets rather then perpetual liabilities."
William McDonough

The green movement is about consuming less, reusing more, and being mindful about our impact on the environment and our health.

As artists going green means something different to everyone.  Maybe using different materials, reusing supplies from old projects, recycling, working with items normally thrown away, or creating your own supplies. For some the green movement is just a marketing tool to get consumers to to choose their product over someone else.

Personally I'm learning what I can do so I can do more. I recently found a new recycling center full of machine parts and lots of interesting hardware.  I was really excited to find this new place, and I spent over an hour with my sister getting really dirty, and cold toes (no heat) while hunting for exciting new hardware. I came home with 12 lbs. (yes I mean pounds) of new hardware, I can't wait to start creating.

Besides working with the recycled hardware, I recycle paper, and old jewelry that I take apart and reuse for parts.  I could be doing more.  As I research for this months blog posts, I plan on leaning new ideas that I can put into practice.

There is a amazing amount of information about going green online.  One fact I learned is you don't have to be extreme. Start with simple things, making small choices everyday will make a difference.

What small step do you do to be green?

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  1. That's awesome about all that hardware! You must be looking forward to working with it. :)

  2. fabulous find! we have a similar place in my city that recycles all kinds of things for artists and it's free! too fun!

  3. Congrats on the hardware! I don't really try to go green, more like save money by making things myself (like purses, dresses, decor things, etc) rather than buying them. I also tend to do a bit of recycling and use things lying around my house to make stuff. I also give most of the stuff I don't use anymore to goodwill, which is a great form of recycling.

  4. Yay for posts like these! What fun you must have had digging through all of those goodies! Everything in my shop is green in some way. I hunt through the Salvation Army and recycle old fabrics and clothes for doll outfits, my clipboards are recycled materials, my Inspiration Earth products are 100% earth friendly... what many don't get is that it really is easy! And you feel fabulous, knowing you've made a difference! :)


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