We are having our first snow fall of the season this weekend.  Of course it cold, wet and heavy, and my husband is out of town for the weekend.  So I had to spend the morning shoveling. 

While shoveling I kind of got into a zone and the ideas started flowing.  I worked out ideas for my blog, some plans for the new year, and even a few design ideas.

I read recently, while doing  mundane projects like doing the dishes, sweeping, or even shoveling snow, if you take a minute before you start to clear you mind, and concentrate on your movements it can be like meditating.

What everyday project do you do that helps you come up with new ideas?
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  1. Great shot!
    Looks like a very heavy snowfall!!
    Isn't it funny how the mind turns to "thinking and pondering" as we work at tasks that are so called menial.
    For me it's usually when I'm washing dishes!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. True.

    Great ideas can come from mundane, everyday work. We should write them down quickly and make designs and sketches asap which is not always easy.

    ..keep your dishes dirty and greasy!!

  3. Cardio activity gets more oxygen flowing to the brain so it's great to help you work out problems! I love watching jeopardy while on the treadmill- ha:)

    I find though that when I have a big problem to mull over going to bed does the trick because my mind thinks about it all night and I usually know the answer by the morning!


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