Birthday Rituals

Today is my Birthday and I can't believe another year has gone by so quickly. 

Birthdays only come once a year and starting creative rituals on your birthday are a great way to mark the passage of your life. 

Here are a few simple ideas:

Make yourself a Birthday card - let it reflect where you are on your life journey. I love making cards and I am looking forward to breaking out my art supplies.

Give yourself a present - it could be something simple like buying art supplies, books, or getting a manicure. I get a facial on my birthday, it feels great and it takes away that extra year, at least for a few days.

Do something to honor yourself, your body, and your strengths - take a class, cooking a special meal, or just meditating. Today I am going to get my favorite meal, have some wine, and watch sappy movies all night.

Spending time with yourself on your birthday is a great way to reflect on the past year and the year ahead.  Creating your own birthday rituals are a great way to appreciate yourself and the gifts you offer the world.

I am looking forward to spending a day filled with activities I don't do very often, but wish I could. Share a ritual you do every year just for yourself on your birthday.
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  1. Happy Birthday!

    Enjoy your special day...I love doing something fun for myself on my birthday like getting a pedicure or something. :-)

  2. These are fantastic ideas! thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Valerie! So happy to be fellow Upcyclers :) Following your blog now and Thanks for the badge, it's beautiful- I "collect" them and put them all on one page of my blog!

  4. Happy Birthday Valerie! I hope you have an outstanding day :D

  5. Happy Birthday Sister - much love to you on your special day!

  6. Happy birthday! Lovely post, awesome thoughts and tips to celebrate birthdays :)

  7. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!


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