Sunny Summer Art

Lisa who writes A Bead a Day blog has a great post called Bright Sunny Flowers, and features an amazing bright yellow flower bead. This post inspired me, and today I found art and accessories from Etsy that features the great color of yellow.

New designed yellow Flower by wiwicoco

Hand Painted Slick Scarf Golden yellow Peacock by silkshop

Clean Lemons in a White Bowl by sharonschock

Recycled Billboard Banner Bifold No 36 EcoFriendly by NottyPooch

Add a little sunshine to your life and check out these amazing artists and their bright, sunny, and happy works of art.

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  1. I like the yellow flowers on the wall. It makes brightens up the room.

  2. I love all the yellow. I have to agree about those poppy's they would make a stunning addition to any room.

  3. I love seeing yellow in the morning...invigorating! Great Picks!!

  4. Oh definitely loving the yellow-s! It's been raining all day over here, I hope they bring some sunshine along! :)

  5. I think that the clean lemons are lovely as are the poppies

  6. I adore that scarf!!! Yellow always makes me happy :)

  7. Following you from Etsy..come see me!

  8. Yellow really brings the sunshine inside!

  9. So bright and cheery, love the hand painted scarf, thanks for sharing and inspiring :) T.


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