How do you like to Travel?

I love to travel by car!

I have been taking vacations by car since I was a little girl, and they are some of my most valued memories.

My parents love to travel, but we did not have a lot of money for vacations and going by car gave us the opportunity to see lots of sites and enjoy our vacation together. So each year my family and I piled into our VW van and traveled the country.

Now that I have my own family we take most of our vacations by car and it's still my favorite way to travel.

I think traveling by car is the best way to see all the beauty in this country. Driving gives us the opportunity to stop when we want to see something new, go to places that were not part of our plans, and explore new cities. I think it's the best way to travel and enjoy a vacation.

What is your favorite way to travel?

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  1. By train. I am a terrible driver.

  2. I love to travel!

    I don't like flying, but it does not stop me from traveling because the end destination is worth it. I like traveling by car because I see so much more than expected.

    Recently I traveled by bus and even though it was not a preferred mode of transportation, I still experience the excitement for reaching a new destination.

    I think I need to squeeze in a train ride next.

  3. Train is my pick! Fast, comfy, safe and you get to see lots.

  4. I love to fly :-)
    We recently had a cycling holiday, and after the initial discomfort it was quite lovely, the pace made it easy to take in our surroundings :-)


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