Check Ths Out...

This is a weekly post where you can share 3 things about yourself or your business. Giving us an opportunity to get to know each other and our business.

Suggested ideas:
-business goals or goals you have met
-books you are reading
-a new project you are starting or doing
-places you have visited
-blog posts you have enjoyed
-a post you have written that you would like to share
-new items you have added to your shop
-new materials you are working with
-family plans or an event you are excited about
-need help with an idea - ask for help

All I ask is that you are a follower of my blog to participate and that you check out a few links from the other people who leave comments.

Let me know if you have any ideas or questions, I would love to here your suggestions. You can contact me at additionsstyleblog@gmail.com.
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  1. 1. I started a new Seahorse art project!! A new mini-book using my past wire art seahorses :) You can check the sneak peek on my Seahorse blog :)

    2. Tomorrow evening I fly up North to visit my family...Can't wait to see everyone :)

    3. 'Punzle' the Boat dog has more stories to tell on the 'Living with Walls' blog :)

  2. Hi WonderfulWire, love the Punzle story, it made me smile through the whole story. Can't wait to read more! Your seahorse project looks like it is going to be pretty cool and it looks like fun. I hope your hand feels better soon.

    I only have a couple of things to share this week.

    1. Yesterday I started a new post called Be Inspired . Each week I will have a variety of ways to be inspired, via a quote, a creativity project, or photo's. I hope you check it out and visit each week for inspiration.

    2. One of my goals for this month is to start using Facebook more often. How often do you use Facebook? Does it help to bring you business?

  3. hello! great blog! found you through Etsy forums :)

    1) I am reading Craft Inc. by Meg Mateo llasco
    2) I am currently working with eco-friendly materials, including purchasing more wool sweaters from the thrift store than I know what to do with!
    3)my business goal for this year is to pitch an item to a magazine editor. I have never done this, I am nervous and excited about it!

  4. Additionsstyle, This is a great idea!

    1) I opened an Etsy shop in January and have sold one thing (to a friend) so far. My goal is to get a few more sales before summer begins! I will take any suggestions offered :)

    1) (Continued!) Another goal of mine is to add more tutorials to my blog. I think I may have to change that to two a month! So far, I have done a ruffle tank and a recycled flower container.

    2) My fiance and I are going camping this weekend which I am very excited about. I get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day so this should be a great time to relax! We have an aluminum foil dinner and dessert planned so I can't wait to test it out!

  5. Oh additionsstyle, you might be a genuis! Always a keener for tell-all's and tests I am in here like a dirty shirt, excited to share my week's revelations with you and the world.

    1. The Handmade Market webinar on Etsy this evening was a revelation with many take home points - namely from daniellexo - remember to refer back to why we began to sell our creations in the first place...why are we creating after all?

    2. Sharing a post on The Selby In Your House and how this blog-book launch changed my life in a very real way http://redesigntechnologies.blogspot.com/2010/04/positive-proof-of-power-of-blogging.html

    3. Works in progress/asking for help...I am in a bind regarding jewelry making. I've been working on a piece that features a mixture of delicate labradorite bits with a fine gauge gold chain. The problem lies somewhere between my vision and the laws of gravity...how can I stiffen a "bib" of labradorite strung on invisible acrylic wire to splay stiffly instead of drooping? Fiber? Metal armatures? Start over? Throw in the towel? What are your thoughts?

  6. Becca, congratulations on your resolution to submit to magazines! Have you checked out Nubby Twiglet for submission guidelines? She's got some great advice. Umm...and her collection of shoes never tires. Best of luck!


  7. Thanks everyone for sharing!

    Becca, I loved the book Craft Inc. and her new book Craft Inc. Business Planner is also a great resource. Good luck on your goal to pitch magazines, keep us posted on how it's going.

    Jessica, Making sales takes time, just keep networking online and be patient the sales will start coming in. I'm jealous, I would love to go camping. Have fun!

    Re:Design, I just have to say your paperclip chandeliers are amazing! Don't give up on your labradorite and gold chain jewelry idea it sounds cool. I am all about metal, so I say give that a try and see how it works. Let me know how it's going.

    Stop by again next week!


Your thoughts and ideas are an important part of the conversation, thanks for sharing!