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New, every Wednesday you will find a variety of ways to be inspired and creative. There will be quotes, ideas to boost your creativity, and photo's to inspire new idea. Let me know what you think!

Words to Inspire

“When I'm inspired, I get excited because I can't wait to see what I'll come up with next."
Dolly Parton

Idea to Inspire

The sun is shining, the air is clean and crisp, the sky is a bright blue, and the trees are filled with buds, this is the time of the year to enjoy a walk outside.

This is not just a walk for exercise (but that is a nice side effect) but a walk to open up your creative eye.

A good walk can clear your head and help the ideas start flowing, well imagine the ideas you will have if you have photo's to remember what you saw on your walk.

Next time you take a walk, bring along your camera and take pictures of everything that inspires you. Do this often, and as you go along save your favorite photo's in a photo album or scrapbook, and use your inspiring photo's next time you need a creativity boost.

Photo's to Inspire - Pebbles
Today's Flicker collection is all about being outside. Plus, I love rocks and I love these pictures.

341/365 Pebble Focus [ embr ]

Pebbles by ZedBee

Smooth Pebbles by ann j p

You can be inspired by a project you are working on, words you read in a book or magazine, and photo's of everyday objects, I hope today's post will inspire you to find a new idea.

What from your everyday life inspires you?

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  1. I love these pictures. There's beauty in the smallest and simplest things.

  2. Fabulous advice! It is a gorgeous day outside, so I'm going to take a walk :)

    love those photos!

  3. That smooth pebbles photo is amazing. The colors are so interesting and a great angle.

    Sounds like you have a lot to inspire and motivate!

  4. I love all the pebbles photos...I take my Sheltie for walks and never think of taking my camera...I will tomorrow!


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