Photo's to Inspire - Turquoise

This weeks Flickr collection is all about turquoise. Be inspired.

Turquoise Fantasy by Lightning Crashes

Oxidation in Turquoise by janet little

What visual images or colors inspire you? Let me know and I will pull together a Flickr collection, and share that you are the source of inspiration for the week they are posted.
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  1. Oh my goodness, goodness gracious - if these are not some of the most INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL pictures! Wow, what eye candy!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful, awesome photos with us all!


  2. Turquoise is sooooo dreamy, isn't it! Loving that door image.

  3. Ooooo....I love the oxidation photo. So neat! I live in Boston and there is lots of cool old copper that has oxidated like that. One of my favorite things to photograph :)

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  5. Love the turquoise fantasy! Wish I was there!

  6. Gorgeous! Love all the turquoise. :)

  7. What a great collection of images - and this just happens to be my favourite colour! Beautiful! Thanks for posting! :)

  8. I never get tired of turquoise. I love the door!


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