What do you do when events from your day preoccupy you from getting your work done? Well, early Wednesday morning I experienced my first earthquake ever. What makes this most unusual is that I live in the Chicago, IL area.

At 4:00 am my entire house felt like it was lifted off the ground and dropped back down. I realized it was just our bed as our whole house shook. Not having ever experienced an earthquake (being a Midwest girl) I did not know what it was. I thought something happened to the furnace, or a tree fell, or a house close by exploded.

Everyone woke up (well almost everyone), my teenage daughter was yelling Mommy, mommy (I have not been mommy in years), one of my dogs was going around in circles while the other one was still snoring, and my husband who can sleep through tornado sirens, just rolled over and said what was that. Needless to say it was hard to get back to sleep and a little unnerving.

I did not find out it was an earthquake until morning, and what a busy morning it was. Friends started calling around 8:00 am, and I called my family that is out of state to share my story. By the time I started working on Wednesday it was late, and once I got online it was all over the internet. Of course I had to read the stories, tweet about it with all my Chicago friends, and let it consume my day.

Now, besides writing this blog post, I did not get any work done. I can't believe the whole day went by so fast. Well, I guess I can try to get some work done tomorrow.

Have you ever had an experience keep you from getting your work done?

Ever been in an earthquake?
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  1. I felt an earthquake sitting in a restaurant in Milwaukee, Wi. once! I was sitting by a rock wall and heard/felt it move (up and down though.) I thought that there were tanks rolling down the street and looked outside expecting to see them- it was the first thing that popped into my mind as my apartment was by a National guard practice area and it felt like it did there-when the tanks were were rolling down the street. It was amazing.

  2. I am guilty of contributing to the preoccupation, but also very glad to know the entire family is safe!

  3. Wow!! Now that's not your average morning!! ... I felt a minor earthquake while in The Virgin Islands 22 years ago... really weird sensation...


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