Have you Reinvented yourself lately?

When I started selling online over a year ago, I changed what I make, the material I work with, and how I run my business.

I am a self taught artist, who works with sterling silver and gemstones, well I used to be. I knew I wanted to sell online, and I knew this was the opportunity to try something new. I did not know what my new direction was going to be or even how to get started, but I did some research online and found Etsy, changing the way I do business.

Figuring out what I wanted to make was the next step. One day while picking up some items at the hardware store I stumbled on the washer isle. It was thrilling, I realized I could make jewelry with the hardware and it would still look like silver.

I reinvented myself that day in the hardware store. I could not stop the ideas from coming to me. I love to go to the hardware store now, and now that I have found a store with recycled hardware I find a variety of new items all the time.

Reinventing my designs, my materials, and my business, has changed me as an artists. I enjoy coming up with new ideas, being online, and learning new things. I love all these changes and this new version of myself, each day is a new adventure.

Have you reinvented anything about yourself lately?
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  1. I am on the way.... and getting closer....I can see it coming to me that feeling of rediscovery that you just described.... and thanks for all the sharing that you do!

  2. Great story! I've always loved rearranging furniture. I think I'm "rearranging the furniture" in my life. Not getting rid of the old stuff that I love, just looking at it and using it in a different way.

  3. Actually, yes, I have re-invented what I make and sell. Inspired by what I saw on Etsy and all over blogland,I recently started making jewelry with my artwork even though I have never made a piece of jewelry before. I love it. It is very creative and limitless.



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