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Join me in welcoming Victoria from LavenderField, as she shares what inspires her to create her unique and beautiful jewelry. Thanks Victoria for being a guest blogger!

I create jewelry in unusual, yet eye-pleasing designs and colors using a combination of crochet, gemstones, beads, and other findings (including clay beads that I make myself).

I'd say my biggest inspiration is colors! Even colors I don't particularly like can suddenly become attractive to me when combined with the right shades which compliment each other. It's like "a little bit of nice and a little bit of not so nice" to obtain a good balance.

I also find inspiration in a lot of other places, but at the end of the day if you want to be unique it all comes down to creating an original product of your own imagination.

At the beginning I was afraid of being unique, but I went ahead and took the plunge anyway, and now I'm receiving so many compliments and lots of good energy being thrown my way, so I'm really enjoying this uniqueness at my art. It expresses me and my own style, and not someone else's, and it seems to me that people admire me for that. I read somewhere recently something that goes like "do it afraid, courage will come later", and if I think about it, this is actually how I've lived my whole life. I sort of dive into things without analyzing the situation or consequences, and then take it from there. I think that as long as you follow your heart you know you're on the right track.

Having an organized space to work in is essential for me, and when things start cluttering up I need to just STOP everything, put stuff back in place, and only then can I continue! I love having a lot of space as well as a lot of supplies in a wide variety of styles. Since I'm not one to put my ideas down on paper, when an idea pops into mind I want to have the necessary supplies and tools readily available right there and then!

You can find my work at my Etsy shop, right here: http://www.lavenderfield.etsy.com/

I also have a blog right here: www.thiswayhandmade.com, and a page that I use as a means of promoting my work, right here: www.squidoo.com/crochetbubble

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  1. Wow, those necklaces are so beautiful! So different, I love them! =)

    Beautiful work!

  2. I am pretty picky when it comes to jewelry I like on etsy...but these are amazing. They are truly handmade and beautiful! I feel that so many of the jewelry makers on etsy are just stringing a few cool beads and saying "tada." I have hearted your page and will be sure to be back!

  3. Wonderful jewelry! That third necklace is simply adorable :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful and unusual, with a wonderful sense of color and proportion. Lovely feature.

  5. those are gorgeous pieces.. i love the mic of materials! ;)

  6. Amazing pieces they must forever
    Thanks for sharing this:)

  7. Love the colors and style of these necklaces. Thanks for posting :D

  8. GORGEOUS! i love the combination of crochet and beads, and the colors.

  9. I love the one with the plum. grey, burgundy colors. very unique!

  10. Wow I love these! I would never have thought to mix metal jewelry with crochet like this! It looks awesome. :-) (this is 'meljensdesigns' from Etsy!)


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