Artist to Know - Hideaki Miyamura

Hideaki Miyamura (1955 -)

Miyamura is best known for his unique iridescent glazes, including a compelling gold glaze.

He studied Art History at Western Michigan University. After college he decided to take up pottery in Japan. There he spent five years doing over ten thousand test pieces, using countless formulas to develop original glazes.

Many of his glazes are inspired by 12th and 13th Century Chinese glazes used on tea bowls in monasteries in the Zhejiang province in China.

Miyamura's studio pottery appears in the permanent collections of more than a dozen museums, predominantly in the United State.
Read and see more of Hideaki Miyamura's work on his Website.
Images in this post are from the website.

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  1. Gorgeous, especially the first piece! I can't imagine sticking with something long enough to do over 10,000 test pieces to come up with the exact formula. Bravo!

  2. We have four pieces of Hideaki's work. The light and angles from which you view them gives off special auras. We look forward to piece number five.

  3. Anonymous, you are very lucky to own such amazing pieces of art. I hope you get number five soon!


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