Business Tip Tuesday - Networking

Networking is a process of meeting people, making contacts, and building mutually beneficial professional relationships. Networking opens doors and opportunities, as we all know it is not always about what we know but who we know.

It's not about getting sales (but sometimes you do), or to get information, but about helping each other accomplish your goals.
There are so my groups you can join in your town or even online. Check out joining a Etsy team, or a parents group, these are great places to network. Want more information I did a blog post about networking with a local group check it out here.

Things to remember when you want to develop a networking relationship:

Pick strong partners - someone with the same ideas or similar goals

Focus on whats important - choose groups that are going to help you achieve your goals

Expose yourself - be available, and respect peoples time

Build a relationship - get to know them, and build trust

Nurture the network - send cards, notes, articles about information that will be helpful to your partner

Make a list of all the places you can network. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Professional Organizations
Networking Groups
Online forums, chatrooms, and of course the Etsy Community
Workshops & Conferences
Start your own

Remember to always have a plan, of what you want to accomplish when you go to a meeting, an idea of who you would like to meet, and ideas of how you can help other members.

Networking can be fun and easy, sometimes the hardest part is just getting started.

Share some groups you belong too, and how they have helped with your business.

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  1. Excellent post! I try to spend some time on the forums each day and write meaningful blog posts that readers can relate to.



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