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My goal for redesigning my blog is to have a place where we can find inspiration, let our creative juices flow, and grow our creative businesses. I will be trying to post everyday, and each day their will be new ideas to be inspired.

Some regular features:

Ideas for a Creative Business

Photo’s to Inspire – Inspiring photos from Flicker

Artist to know – past and present, including artist interviews

Awaken your Creativity – journal prompts and creativity projects

Explore – featuring fun DIY projects, recipes, and fun things to do with family and friends

Shared Inspiration – a post with comments and ideas you share with me

Shop News – info on what’s happening in my shops, new items, sales, and special deals

Creative Happenings – a roundup of blogs, websites, books, magazines, and other creative places to visit

This is a sampling of what you have to look forward to on the new Additions Style Blog. Bookmark this page, follow this blog, it’s time to let our creative spirit soar!

Have any ideas you want to share? Want to be a guest writer? Please contact me!
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  1. Your blog looks lovely! I especially like the colours you've used in your banner at the top. Beautiful! I'll definitely be checking back :)


  2. Wow! I love what you're planning for this and it looks great, too. See you on Etsy!

    My Fan Page is http://tinyurl.com/MamaLove
    My blog is at http://healingcommunication.blogpot.com .



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