My Struggles

I have spent the last few weeks thinking about a new plan for the fall and holiday season. 

After a great start this year things my business has really fizzled out, and things are slow. I have yet to have a good show this year, my Etsy shop sales have been far and few between, and I am struggling with what to do next.

Staying positive when things are down is challenging. I had a conversation with my husband last week about shutting down my business and getting a job. He is so great, he told me I would regret it and to just keep working hard. He knows me so well.

I am working on staying positive and motivated, when I do the Monday Motivation posts they are just as much for me as they are for you.

As I try to figure things out and what I want to do going forward I have been busy working on reevaluating my social media plan.  I only want to invest my time into a few good sites so I am not wasting what little time I have. Social media can be such a time sucker. 

This summer I have been investing some time into Insatagram, it's pretty easy to use and with latergram.me I can schedule my posts which makes it much easier to incorporate into my day. Other social media sites I plan to use regularly are Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. You can follow me on all these sites at @additionsstyle.

As I work through my struggles of what to do next, I am going to spend a lot of my time in August working on marketing my Etsy shop. Hopefully I can get back in the grove and bring in more sales.

My mantra for August is going to be  
"I will generate income everyday" 
I just posted this in my studio for inspiration
Click here to print out a copy for yourself

Now I just need a good plan.

I will share with you more about my struggles and my future plans in the coming weeks. Please feel free to share in the comments or you can email me at additionsstyleblog@gmail.com.

What are some strategies you do, when you are struggling with your business?

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  1. My strategy is to curl up in a ball and cry that my stuff must be crap because no one's buying it. At least that's what I do after disappointing craft fairs. I am hoping this year's holiday fairs are better than last year's were. I should probably re-evaluate my stock and see what I want to bring this year.

  2. The summer months are definitely the slow times. I hope your fall shows and Etsy sales pick up as people start shopping again.
    And I think it's great that your hubby is so supportive :)

  3. You are always so inspiring and I truly appreciate your honesty. (which is again inspiring)

    Etsy is a steady challenge, just when I think OK I'm done, someone will buy 4 pillow covers or photos, my sales definitely come in groups.

    And social media is an almost necessary evil but I am WAY behind everyone else as I still have a flip phone without a camera, lol :)

    Wishing you well and way to go to your Hubby :)

    Happy Wednesday, cheers, T. :)


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