Motivation Monday

Keep Trying

When things are not going our way,
  it's tempting to sit back and wait.
But then, more then ever, we must renew our efforts.
Believe in yourself.
Back your judgment.
Push through your protective boundaries.
Keep going.

Now Is the Time by Patrick Lindsay

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  1. Happy Monday! I am trying to get past the "push through your protective boundaries". Being to complacent. Gotta push harder!

  2. I like these Monday posts of yours. They get me moving. :-)

  3. Beautiful image for today!
    We all have protective boundaries, and sometimes, we have to remember that we have to let those boundaries down. Great words of motivation!

  4. Oh I am going to keep trying but it is proving hard right now.

    Happy Monday, cheers, T. :)

  5. I have trouble with the pushing through the boundaries too!


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