Market Locally

Summer is a great time to get out and market your business locally. 

With a variety of art / craft show, events, and networking opportunities there is always ways to market your business.

Looking for shows to participate in, in your area, check out Craftlister.com or festival net.com

I enjoy doing shows and participating in events to share my business with my community. Getting out and meeting my customers is one of my favorite things, and it has helped my business as well. I get to test out new products, determine my best sellers, and doing shows and events has helped me to narrow down my target market.

A few new pieces I will be showing at my upcoming show
I also leave my business cards in local coffee shops and post them on community boards, teach classes, and talk about my business whenever I have the opportunity. During the holidays I had a ton of sales from the ladies at my gym, just for mentioning my business after a class.

Marketing your business in your community is a great way to expand your business. This is also a great time of year to put yourself out there and start promoting what you have to offer!

How do you market your business locally?

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  1. So far I only have my jewelry in the local butterfly garden but it made a couple hundred dollars so that's good. Another shop that bought from me is closed and for sale this summer which is too bad.

  2. I'm always sure to carry business cards with me. Word of mouth is still my biggest marketing tool for local sales. I recently worked with the city chamber and they mentioned my work to a local business who is not going to carry a handful of my items in their shop as well! Networking rocks!

  3. This is one thing I'm really bad at when it comes to my business. I try to remember to carry business cards around with me, but I'm not great at talking it up. I did craft shows when I sold jewelry, and now that I'm switching to interior design I want to get back into that and sell pillows, table runners, etc. I missed doing them this summer and they always brought in good numbers.

  4. I'm actually just started getting into this. There aren't many craft fairs or flea markets in my area so it was difficult to get into that market. But, when I heard there was a flea market coming to town I jumped on it and I'm doing it tomorrow for the first time! So, I'm hoping it brings in more business and I definitely feel like its going to bring my business to the next level.


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