Inspiration On The Go

You know those days when you are busy running errands, working on a deadline, or doing things for your family, that that's when you get a burst of inspiration.

Those busy days are usually the days when you get your best ideas, and stopping to write or sketch out your ideas may not be an option. If your like me and don't have time to document those ideas they can be lost as quickly as they appeared.

Doing a visualization exercise is a great way to help you keep those ideas fresh in your mind. It only take a minute or two to do these simple steps, to help you remember those really good ideas.

-Close your eyes
-Visualize what you want to create
-Make a list of the medium and tools you want to work with
-Choose the colors
-Visualize your finished piece
-Let you mind return to these mental pictures often

The best part is you end piece may not be exactly as you visualized it, but that's even better, because you nurtured your inspiration and allowed it to develop before it was executed.

"Even if its not possible to act on each moment of inspiration immediately.  It is possible to live in the moment and enjoy your creative soul."
-Pam Carriker

Have you used visualization to remember your good ideas?

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  1. All the time! Using that technique I think I figured out how to make something I saw online that has no instructions on how to do it!

  2. Inspiration can strike at any moment but for me I usually find it strikes either while I'm working on one piece and my muse says "Hey what if you ...." and a totally new idea is born. The other times that inspiration finds me is when I'm in bed, trying to doze off to sleep, that's usually when I start thinking about projects I need to finish and I suddenly get the inspiration for a new project.
    There are times when I need a new project like I need another hole in my head. :D


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