7 Things Successful People Do Each Night

What you do before going to bed impacts your mood and how you feel the following day. It also determines how well and how much sleep you get.

Your mental health as well as your physical health play an important part in how you feel when your are working and how much actual work you get done. Not getting enough sleep can really effect how you feel the next day.

These 7 simple ideas are for relaxing your mind and your body, and preparing you for the next day.

This is a good time to catch up on your business reading, check out your favorite blogs, and to get inspired by reading inspirational stories. If you really want to unwind then reading fiction or other topics you are interested in, will give your mind a break from work.

Reflect on your day
Journaling is a great way to track your progress, to get you motivated, and clear your mind of all the unnecessary work clutter. Try writing down 3 positive things that happened during the day, and thing your are appreciative of.

Make your to-do list
This is the best way to clear your mind for a good night sleep. Listing all the things you need and want to get done the next day will put your mind at ease knowing that you have a plan for the next day.

Disconnect from work
Right before bed is not a good time to check your email or messages. Let all that wait till you start your work the next day. Not dwelling on work related items before bed will making getting the rest you need easier.

Take 10 minutes to relax your body and quite your mind this will put you in a positive frame of mind and help you sleep better.

Lie down on a positive note
Don't let the negative situation of the day keep replaying in your head. Remind yourself of the positive things you listed in your journal and celebrate the successes you had in your day.

Picture a positive tomorrow
Picture yourself having a great day, achieving all the things on your to-do list, everything working out as planned, and a positive day all around. This will not only give you good dreams, you will wake up in a positive frame of mind.

Reading, making my to-do list, and meditating are my favorite things to do before bed. I am working on keeping a journal and disconnecting from my work, but they are both a work in progress.

Being in a positive frame of mind before I go to sleep really does help with waking up in a ready to have a great day. 

Give these ideas a try. Having a great night sleep makes for a productive day!

Which of these ideas do you find challenging?

Now that you know what you need to do for a good night sleep that will help you be successful for the next day, check out what you can do in the morning to keep you motivated.
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  1. Meditating has always been next to impossible for me b/c I can't shut my brain off. And even if I am able to clear my mind of thoughts, I still hear whatever song has been stuck in my head all day.

  2. These are such great ideas. I always have a book on my nightstand. It doesn't take me long to be ready for sleep.


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