Sit in the Sun

I hope it is warming up, and things are starting to bloom in your part of the world!

It has finally started to warm up here in Chicagoland and I am excited to be able to go out for my daily break in the sun. No matter how warm it is, I always take time to sit in the sun.

I am not talking about sunbathing, but finding a few minutes out of your busy day to enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face. 

Sitting in the sun not only feels good, it's good for you. 
It can boost your mood
Give you energy
Relieve aches and pains
Helps you think more clearly
Makes you more productive
Increase your concentration

Add a few minutes of relaxing in the sun to your day, and don't forget the sunscreen.

Do you enjoy sitting in the sun?

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  1. We don't get a lot of sun where I currently live, so if there's even just a sliver of sun I'm out there enjoying it :)
    The picture is gorgeous!

  2. And sunshine aids the body in the production of vitamin D - which is very important for strong, healthy bones. Lack of sunlight can cause depression called Seasonal Affective disorder, or SAD.
    Today we have many people suffering from vitamin D deficiency because they are indoors almost all the time.

  3. what a lovely spot - and so peaceful. I agree ... that few moments of being still, closing your eyes and just soaking up the sun is an amazing way to recharge your batteries!

  4. I enjoy it very much. Not the sunbathing but for a few minutes like you describe. It's very therapeutic!

  5. So true!! When I'm home and I stop for a snack or lunch, I always pop outside to eat it and enjoy a few minutes of sunshine!


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