Are You the Problem?

When you are running your creative business you may face many challenges. Did you know many of the challenges in our business and life can be overcome by simply changing your thought process.

When a problem in your business or everyday life makes your day challenging, it's time to admit to yourself that sometimes you are the problem.

Accepting that you are the problem, and taking yourself outside of your circumstances suddenly gives you the power over the challenges you face.

I am not talking about you thinking you're a victim, but about you taking those problems and doing something about them.

Taking control!

This process is not about your feelings it's about using your creative brain to come up with solutions. It's as simple as assuming responsibility, owning the problem, and using your power to make it disappear quickly.

Next time you have a problem ask yourself these questions...

• If I were transported a year into the future, looking back, what would I advise myself to do?

• Now that you have assumed the responsibility of the problem what changes can you make?

Step away from the situation, use your head not your heart, and be honest.

Now Act!!

Do you assume the responsibility of the challenges in your creative business? 

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  1. Good brain storming advice. I think we all find ourselves faced with challenges that impede our progress so being proactive and thinking things through logically makes good sense. Thanks for the advice. :)


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