Simplify for Less Stress

Make your home less stressful in 2014. The easiest way to to that is to simplify.

Start by going through each room, and making a list of all the things you do in that room. Next decide the functions of the room and how you could make it simpler and function better. Even if you can only do this in one or two rooms it will reduce your stress when you are in those spaces.

Create creative systems for doing your chores, meal planning, shopping, and dealing with everyday necessities. The easier it is to do those things you have to do everyday the calmer your life will be.

Simplifying is a great way to making your life less stressful, relaxing, and peaceful. 

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  1. never thought of doing that - totally makes sense

  2. My storage room is a horror show....have to figure out how to make it less cluttered.

  3. I hope to simplify my whole life this year, which does mean getting rid of a lot of stuff. I am working on it little by little, and right now have boxes of stuff to get rid of in my kitchen,

  4. That is one of my goals this year. I want to organize my work space better. I'm making more and more things and I'm slowly filling up my space with items and supplies so I need to change things around.

  5. Organizing and simplifying are on the top of my to do list as soon as the new studio is done. It will be nice to get all things business-related out of the rest of the house and have our living space back!

  6. Awesome ideas! It's so much easier to function when organized.


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