How to Ask For What You Want

As working artists, asking people to buy our items is an important part of our business.

We have to ask customers to make a purchase, ask bloggers to feature our work, ask stores to sell our items, and ask for support from friends and family. With so much asking, we have to make sure that when we ask we get the results we want.

There are five ways you can do the asking and get results:

1. Ask Clearly
Be precise. Think clearly about your idea, and take the time to prepare your question or questions. Words are powerful, so you want to choose them carefully. This is important when you are selling online, because you have to ask your customers to buy with the words that you write.

2. Ask with Confidence
Don't hesitate or act uncertain when you are doing your ask. Ask your questions with boldness and confidence. Remember if you don't get the results you want, it's not about how you asked, maybe who you asked is not be the right person. So try again.

3. Ask Consistently
The more you ask the easier it will get, and the better your results will be. If you are trying to get into retail stores, don't give up. If one says no, go to the next store and ask them.

4. Ask Creatively
With so many people asking the same questions, you have to get creative to stand out in the crowd. Brainstorm some fun ideas for getting your customers, bloggers, or retail stores interested in your product.

5. Ask Sincerely
In some cases you may need to be real with people and tell it like it is, flaws and all. This can be challenging especially with family and friends, but you may need to ask for their help and you want to ask from the heart.

Asking for what we want may sound like a simple idea, but in some cases it may be scary, or even challenging. Use these steps to help you get the results you want, because the more you ask the more you will receive.

Do you find it challenging to ask for what you want in your business?

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  1. Great advice, Valerie!
    I find over here it's best to ask in a straightforward way :)

  2. I still haven't mustered up the courage to bring my work to local shops... something I have practiced in my mind, but not made the time to do. Someday. :)

  3. Yes I do....I have very little courage to ask much. I don't even like doing craft shows but I only have fun b/c my friend Marsha is with me!


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