Motivation Monday

Give yourself some space

Look at the walls surrounding you.
Real or imaginary, they limit your potential.
Push through them by using your downtime wisely.
Expand your horizons.
Visit new places.
Develop new skills.
Enrich yourself.

Now Is the Time by Patrick Lindsay

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  1. What a beautiful picture. The stairway seems to be inviting us to see what lies ahead - a courtyard ? a fountain ? And what's behind the door ?

    Love the message in your inspirational quotation. :)

  2. Beautiful photo and a message I needed to hear.

  3. That photo is gorgeous! Lovely words too. Thank you!

  4. Love it! I'd have to follow those steps to see what was at the top.

  5. Oh, how I would love to walk up those steps! Great words to start the week with. :)

  6. Beautiful! Such a fantastic picture! And like that ...I wish to develop new skills this summer. Almost enrolled for a course!


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