Artist To Know - Peter Root

Finding artists that create using everyday elements intrigue me. Todays artist to know creates amazing cityscapes with 100,000+ staples and small pieces of metal.

Peter Root

"I think there is a beauty in making something that requires so much precision, care, time and effort, yet is destined to last for only a short period of time." - Peter Root

Watch this video to see Peter in action.
Read more about Peter and his work on his website.

What do you think of staple city?
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  1. That is really cool!!!!! And could explain why i was having so much trouble finding staples. lol

  2. Staple City is amazing! (But I don't think my boss would approve if I tried to build one at the tax office.)

  3. He is amazing. I watched the shadows as they moved across the floor of his work area - it was obvious that his staple city took many days to complete - along with a ton of staples. It is also obvious that Peter has a passion for what he does, that's why his work is so intricate and awe inspiring. Again all I can say is AMAZING !

  4. I've seen his work before! It's incredible!

  5. Wow, just fascinating work! So intricate.

  6. So unique! This is my first time seeing staples used for art!!!


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