DIY Friday - Time to Open Your Windows

I love this time of the year when I can have my windows open to let in the fresh air. I always look for ways to brighten up my windows so I can get light all day long. Today is a collection of ideas for changing up your window treatments, and enjoying the Spring season .

Spray paint over old lace right on your windows.
No sew roman shade
Ombre Curtains
Window film
Window shade
Decorative window dressing
What do you like to do to your windows as the weather gets warmer?

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  1. I wish it would warm up enough to open the windows here!
    Like Edi, I love those ombre curtains :)

  2. I love to open the windows and let in the sunshine and fresh air. Unfortunately, it is 35 degrees here on the prairie, so the windows will stay closed today!

  3. I keep them closed and turn on the a/c. I've never been a fan of open windows unless something's burned on the stove. Too much pollen and dust, & the dogs bark at every single sound.

  4. Loving the top one! I love having the doors and window open in the early morn and eve when it's a little cooler and we can air out the house.

  5. I can't wait to get the windows open again! The cats are definitely ready for it, too. :) I love the ombre curtains.

  6. oo..I love the ombre curtains.

  7. I love having the windows open to let the fresh air in too, and I especially love when we can finally sleep with the windows open at night! We use curtains on most of our windows, but I love the idea of the lace painted window, or some sort of frosted project for privacy on some too...

    Happy Weekend! ;)

  8. There's nothing better than bright sunshine after the long and dark winters we have here. I love to take everything off the windows so the sun can enter freely and shine all over! The other thing I love doing to my windows is opening them to let the fresh spring air and the bird songs in.

  9. Love the ombre curtains!

    There's only 2 places in my house that has curtains the formal living room and my bedroom. Would love to experiment with the ombre curtains in the guest bedroom this summer! Such pretty ideas you've shared. Thank you!

  10. That painted lace is such a cool idea! What a fun way to add privacy but still let plenty of light in. Thanks for sharing these.

  11. Lots of pretty versions of window treatments! I usually change the curtains and definitely let the air in if the weather is fine. When the neighbors mow, weedwhack, etc. I have to close the windows for that while. If Spring would hurry up...


  12. The stenciled lace looks so pretty on the glass window panes. Lovely way to have a little privacy yet let in a lot of sunlight.