Artist to Know - D. Westry

I received an email last week from my dad, who sends me all those random emails of funny pictures and videos, so it takes me a few days before I read them. Well I opened one of his emails last week and he sent me a video that was truly amazing.

Today's artist is a speed painter. I have never seen a speed painter and it was very cool to watch. Take a minute in a half and check out this video.

Want to see more of his work click here to check out his website.

What do you think?

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  1. oh WOW! what a reveal! when he flips it over it is stunning

  2. WOW!!!!! That was amazing!!! I wasn't at all ready for the 'flip' and when he did it I was like, 'holy crap that's Anderson!'

  3. I saw this episode and was blown away. He is truly talented.

  4. Speed and upside-down painting no less! Amazing!


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