DIY Friday - Make Your Own Valentines

Valentines Day is less then a week away, and it's the perfect holiday to creating handcrafted memories. Here are some fun ideas for making Valentines Day special for you and those you love.

quilled  card
button canvas
Heart wreath
Valentine decor
Felt heart pin
Door decorations
Treat bags
Do you create your own Valentines?

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  1. Everything is so sweet. I love the bags! I purchased handmade gifts instead of making any Valentine's this year. :)

  2. I love the ideas for V-Day but I don't make them b/c we don't observe it. My guy is a trucker so last year he wasn't even home. And my ex=h and I agreed to forego it b/c of my b-day of 11/27, Christmas and his b-day of 2/10. I did put together a goody bag for my stepdaughter though, and am hoping to make some cupcakes.

  3. Love the red and turquoise door decoration and that button art!

  4. Such a treat! Loved the door decoration as ze best!

  5. These are all lovely ideas. The heart wreath is really pretty. And I love the treat bags. =0)
    We've created our own valentines throughout the years. One of the kids' favorites was making heart-shaped snowflakes in different colors.

  6. Of course I love the buttons, but all of these ideas are so sweet! I usually make a Valentine's Day card for my husband.

  7. Those stained glass cookies are amazing!

  8. What fun Valentines you found! I haven't made a Valentine in many years. Maybe I should do that this year!

  9. Ooh, these are so much fun! I love hearts and creating with hearts :)
    The quilled heart card is so cute!

  10. Such great ideas! I love the stained glass cookies, will have to try that at some point. I usually vow to either make valentines or Xmas cards each year so I'm not overwhelmed. This year though, I don't think I'm doing either! I'm sure I'll make a little something for our house though:)


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