Are Your Ready to be Completely Organized?

Being organized is what we strive for in our business and in life. 

Being completely organized is relate to efficiency, productivity, and achieving simplicity.

We face challenges trying to achieve total organization. We set up systems to help us get things done, but we don't always stick to them, or the system we create is not really helpful.

Every time my sister comes to town she helps me organize my work space. She is really good at setting up stations for me to do my tasks so I can be more efficient, and I try my hardest to keep it up and stay organized.

Did you know that real organization starts in the minds. Take a moment to contemplate this question:

What excuses are you using that make you fall short of meeting your organizational goals?

Once you have answered that question, you can work on eliminating those excuses from you everyday life and create the systems you need to put in place to meet your organizational goals.

Being organized is a tool that takes you to having a more empowered life.

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  1. I'm know as "the organizer" in my family ;-)

  2. I'm super organized and all "my " spaces are in order. My area of trouble is the garage - where I do have some things, but my hubby has tons of stuff and well, let's just say he's organized challenged! ;-)

  3. I try to stay organized but our rental home is so tiny that I'm unable to spread out the way I'd like to. If and when the time comes that I get to move into my childhood home, I've already decided that the entire upstairs will be for my craft supplies, books and music.

  4. I am organized in my work life, and I am a compulsive list writer, but my creative stuff tends to sprawl (in organized piles).

  5. I live and work in "organized chaos". Things get a little crazy and piles start to form, but I always know where everything is :)
    I really want to work on organizing my inventory and shipping supplies this year. It's on my list for spring when it gets warmer in my storage area.

  6. There is a place for everything in our home but I have a hard time getting everyone else to follow that rule =(

    Handmade Cuties

  7. I'm semi organized! If I was the only one it the house, I would be super organized!

  8. Like so many crafters, my problem is too many interests that generate too many supplies and not enough space in which to store it all. I suppose one way for me to become more efficient would be to delete a number of my crafts - the big problem is which crafts could I let go of as I love them all !

  9. This is one thing I do not struggle with. Both my parents are extremely organized and luckily I inherited this trait!!!

  10. Yup, you're completely right. Real organization starts in the mind. And organizing the space around us we organize our thoughts. Both are interconnected. I've noticed that organization is a prerequisite to simplification as well.


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