The Big Picture

The only way we can change, grow, and improve in areas we acknowledge we need to improve is to be a big picture thinker.

As humans we tend to be in the habit of seeing our own world first, but if we were to look at the world from the eyes of our customers and others in our mediums we would realize their are so many opportunities out there for us to explore.

Big picture thinkers are 
always learning, great listeners, 
and always looking for ways to 
expand their experiences.

What might change in your life if you were to start thinking from a big-picture perspective? How would it change your business? personal life? Financial growth? 

Use a big piece of paper and write, draw, or collage your thoughts about this questions. Use what you discover to create a plan of action for growing your business and changing your life.

It's in all of us to be big picture thinkers, are you ready to take on the world?
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  1. This is a very good post. . . I have something in the works right now that is a huge leap for me. . . stay tuned.

  2. My ex husband used to tell me I had to start looking at the big picture. My fiance' tells me that too. I get so bogged down in the stress of every day life.

  3. Great post!! It's so important to put ourselves in the other person shoes, so to speak. It is something that I try really hard to do. I work with special needs children and I've learned that we aren't all able to complete the same tasks in the same amount of time or same way, but things get done just the same in the end. Patience is key to so many things!

  4. Great post. I plead guilty to being a bit myopic / near-sighted. So many trees--it is hard to see the forest sometimes.

  5. Interesting to ponder! I think I would be more successful faster if I thought more about the big picture!!!

  6. After thinking about it, I have to admit that I mostly don't look at the big picture, but when I have, I've been successful at accomplishing whatever it was. I never thought of it like that before!

  7. I think all of us have this tendency from time to time. It is human nature to be a bit myopic about ourselves. But I do find if I lay a road map and think further out it helps me refocus and push onwards.


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