Jewelry Inspiration

Jewelry is the perfect accessory every season. The jewelry trends for 2013 have something for everyone, from big and bold to colorful and lots of chains.

Here are the top 5 jewelry trends, showcased by amazing Etsy artists.

Subtle Drop Earrings
Red Rhinestone Earrings by OhNostalgiaDesigns
Dark Blue Fresh Water Pearl Earrings by BellaintiJewelry
Small Rose bud Silver Earrings by phoebestreasure
Blue chalcedony Earrings by LuluCrystalline

Joy bracelet by FrostedWillow
Geometric Jewelry by ValerieMiscellanea
Post Mokume Gane Earrings by HilaBinyamin
Triangle earrings by LesCreationsdAna

Metal Link Chains
Wire chain bracelet by AmongTheRuins
Pink woven chain bracelet by miaponcho
Bib Statement Necklace by additionsstyle
Oxidized Abstract Square Chain Necklace by kusu

Bold Cuffs
Copper and Bronze polymer clay cuff by adrianaallenllc
Copper bangle by BeyhanAkman
Black leather bracelet by braceletcool
Beaded cuff bracelet by randomcreative

Emerald Green
Pinecone charm jewelry bracelet by LycheeKiss
Two letter necklace emerald necklace by GlowWish
Wire wrapped copper earrings by RubyPearlGems
Green Flower Earrings by PiggleAndPop
 Which jewelry trend is your favorite?

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  1. I love all the subtle drop earrings...just my style. And I'm getting more into the geometric style as well.

  2. I love the emerald green best. Sadly I don't follow the 'trends'. My mom is always trying to force me to make what's 'in' and it makes me mad b/c I have my own style that I prefer. I'd have to keep buying new materials to keep up w/ these trends.

  3. Fabulous finds! So much talent!
    Love the red teardrop earrings.

  4. Wonderful post! love seeing the trends, and some really pretty items

  5. Great feature! I recognize some of my favourites here and I found some new ones too :)

  6. What a lovely assortment. Nice to "meet" some new etsy shops!

  7. Thank you for the feature! These are all fabulous trends.

  8. I like the drop earrings, the chains, and Rose's cuff bracelet.

  9. What lovely earrings. I love the emerald green ones...

  10. Okay, I like them all! I couldn't pick just one trend, lol!

  11. love the jewelry finds. I really like the emerald green bracelet.

  12. Oh I spy my rectangle necklace! Thanks :) I went a little nuts with geometric pieces this year as they're so my style. I make a triangle one too, and hopefully have my hexagons necklace back in stock soon too. Love all your choices!

  13. What wonderful finds! I especially love the emerald green collection. I also like the earrings because I want to start wearing more designs like that :).

  14. So many amamzing trends. My favorite is definately the subtle drop earrings. Even though I make jewelry, what I wear tends to be understated!


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