I'm Curious

◄▬ I'm taking a poll

Source: flickr.com via Monica on Pinterest

Do you keep a journal?

If so what kind:

Personal - With your private thoughts and emotions.
Business - A book with your goals, business ideas, and tracking.
Art - A sketchbook with your ideas, projects, and inspiration.

◄▬ Choose all that apply

Thanks for sharing!
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  1. I took part in your poll just now. I chose Art & Personal, but they are not showing up?

  2. I haven't been good about keeping my personal journal b/c I blog and have a gratitude journal. Then I have my 'book of pretty things' for my arts and crafts.

  3. I keep two main journals - one for meal planning and one for craft planning. I also keep a sketchbook in every room in the house in case an idea strikes me :).

    I counted that as personal and art in the poll!

  4. I keep a business journal of sorts. A place to write out my to do lists and blog post ideas. Notes from orders I need to keep together...things like that.

  5. I keep a personal journal but also a separate journal for sewing ideas and blog post ideas.

  6. I have two personal ones - one where I write my thoughts & what not, and another one for goals/personal development. one business journal to write my plans/strategies and etc.

    <3 Kelly


Your thoughts and ideas are an important part of the conversation, thanks for sharing!