Give Yourself Permission

The past couple of weeks have been unproductive for me.  I have not been very motivated to get into work mode, so my days are starting later then usual and I have not been getting everything done that I plan for my day. I might be a little fried after my busiest holiday season ever. I made over 100 pieces of jewelry in a couple of weeks, so maybe I am just being a little hard on myself.

As business owners we always want to be productive and working so we can achieve our goals, but sometimes we just need a break or time off.

What if we gave ourselves permission to start our day late, take a day off, or just surf the web. We might get more done in the end because were not beating ourselves up for the time we are not working.

By giving yourself permission, 
you take away the anxiety and 
frustration you feel about 
not working.

Next time you are beating yourself up for not getting the things done you want to finish try these three things:

• Start your project acknowledging you will need some time to away to regroup.

• Reach out for help in your creative community. Maybe someone you know can give you a hand or advice that will inspire you to stay on track.

• Don't compare yourself to others. Do things on your own schedule. If you are trying to do to much at one time it may be time to step back and reevaluate where your are in the process.

Most importantly give yourself permission to take a break and to take the time you need to do your best work.

Do you give yourself permission to take a break?

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  1. I really need to work on this. It's been long hours and working weekends for me for months and I'm beginning to feel it!

  2. So important!! I especially love the "don't compare yourself"...that is so easy to do, without really knowing the other persons full circumstances and it can put unnecessary pressure on ourselves!

  3. I think I give myself permission to take too many breaks! lol

  4. Great post -- and timely! I've been averaging only about 5 hours of sleep since tax season began, and still struggling to keep up with Etsy, research projects and family obligations.

  5. A great post to give a whack on my wrists. I have just been ambling and god knows what I've been doing. I think I should give myself permission to call myself Lazy Bones!

    Thank you, but I think I should get my butt moving and do some designs soon, before the cob webs rule!

  6. I just didn't feel like creating (or doing much of anything) last week, so I didn't!
    I can't say it was easy - I definitely had times where I felt like I "should be" doing more, but now I feel really motivated to get back to it this week. Sometimes a break is just what you need!

  7. yes, giving yourself a break gives you new enthusiasm once 'back at it'. I started giving myself 2 days off from my B&M shop because I was getting burnt out, plus it is slow season right now. The extra day off is SO worth it, by the time I go back my mood is so much better, not to mention my house looks waaayyy better, so it is a pleasure to come home to at the end of the work day.

  8. You know, the hubby and I were just talking about this last night. I was feeling down on myself about my lack of motivation lately especially since he works such long hours. He responded, you know I'm not working the whole time I'm there don't you?? Some of that time is drinking coffee and chatting with coworkers; thinking or just dazing. I though, you know, he's right! I shouldn't be so hard on myself!

  9. I think we forget that we're actually working when we're doing what we love. After a while it wears on us just like any job and we need a break. It's ok to take a day off or more if you need it.

  10. Your past few weeks sound a lot like my past few weeks - starting the day later, not getting everything done that I'd wanted. Thanks for this post!


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