DIY Friday - Working With Wood

The wonderful thing about today's projects is you can do most of them with recycled, reclaimed, or found wood. With a few tools you can create these fun projects for your home.

Wooden Floor Mat
Wood Slices Mirror
Sliced Wood Chalkboard
Wood Tags
Coffee Stirrer Clock 
Wood Bangles 
Found Wood Pencil Holder
What kind of fun projects have you created with wood?

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  1. Picture no. 1 the colorful doormat...Love it! The only project that I ever did with wood was painting wooden bangles.
    But such great projects. Thank you so much!

  2. That mirror is so pretty!

    Let's see, what have I made with wood? I did a tray lined with old yardsticks, I replaced some unstable parts of a bookshelf, and I made a wooden piece of wall art with our wedding anniversary on it.

  3. Love the coffee stirrer clock - what a fabulous project!

  4. You always find such fun stuff! I love the mat in picture #1.

  5. These are great!!!! I am loving the colorful floor mat!!!

  6. I don't work with wood much, other than small pieces. I got a birdhouse as a craft kit of the month once and couldn't drive the the nails in straight to save my life.

  7. I really like the colorful floor mat. I've never really created anything with wood, just painted unfinished wood.

  8. The floor mat is so cheery. What a fun idea for a round up!

  9. I love working with wood! I just wish I had more tools to make bigger, more extensive projects!

  10. Some great pieces there! I love the clock and the mirror!

  11. What great projects !!! I especially love the mirror, it is beautiful.


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