Gift Ides Under $25

Today's gift guide is full of ideas for those last minute gifts that you may need. Each Etsy shop offers a variety of items that might be just perfect for your gift giving needs. Stop by and check them out.

1. 365 Days of Sunshine 2013 Calendar by littlethingsstudio
2. Handmade Soap Samples by mountaingirlsoap
3. Three Eco Friendly Soy Candles by SoapForYourSoul
4. Christmas Tree Shaped Sugar Cubes by WishingwellArt
5. Custom Map Wine Stopper by craftyadditctions
6. Puzzle Crayons by ScribbleersCrayons
7. Farmstand  Market Tray by ApisCandles
How is your holiday shopping going?

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  1. I love the wine stoppers.I was just thinking the other day that I needed some. We are always drinking wine and sometimes it goes to waste because we don't finish it. I'm going to heart this item asap. Also, I featured one of your necklaces on my blog today!

  2. Those sugar cubes are amazing! WAY too cute to use!!!!

  3. Lovely gift ideas!
    My holiday shopping is not going so well. I had wanted to get more things from Etsy, but time is now running out. Eeeek!

  4. Handmade soap is such a lovely gift. It's something I'm always thrilled to receive :).

  5. These would make wonderful gifts! I'm fascinated by the sugar cubes!

  6. Everything is so unique. I have never seen shaped sugar cubes. How adorable!!!


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