DIY Friday - Ornaments

My favorite ornaments on my Christmas tree are the ornaments my family and I made. 

When we moved into our home it was December. Since we usually celebrated Christmas with family members we did not have a big tree and only a few ornaments.

My daughter was 5 the year we moved into our house, and with some paper and crayons she made a collection of ornaments for our first tree. They were so cute. Fifteen years later I still have all those paper ornaments, and they are some of my favorites.

Every year since our first Christmas we have made ornaments. As soon as my daughter gets home for Christmas break we will get started on this years collection. I found some great DIY ornaments tutorials to share today, I hope you give a couple of them a try.

Crystal  bead ornament
Small Styrofoam ball covered in glitter and silver spray painted tooth picks. 
Paper punched flowers and red pins
Paper flower ornament
recycled light bulb ornament
Filled Glass ball ornaments 
What kind of ornaments do you make for the holidays?

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  1. So lovely! Love the red flower one - might try that!!

  2. Handmade ornaments are always the best. They're the ones you keep for years and pass on to your family :)
    Love the Grinch light bulb!

  3. Those are all so beautiful! I make lots of ornaments too, out of beautiful beads & chandelier crystal drops, I still have a set of intricate wooden ones I made when I was 9 (featured in an upcoming blog post). I also have done tons of beaded satin ball ornament kits purchased from The Cracker Box. Glitter inside clear balls...did those this year.

  4. The spiky toothpick balls are just gorgeous. And you'd never know they were toothpicks unless you read the description. I'm definitely making some of those for next year!

  5. Love the toothpick balls!! How creative and so festive looking.

  6. The Grinch made me smile! I love that you still make ornaments with your daughter. We don't make them every year but we've made cross stitch ones, felt ones, cinnamon and applesauce cut outs and paper ones.

  7. The homemade ornaments are always the best. I am sure you smile from ear to ear every year when you open the ornament box! What a great way to bond with your daughter too. The reuse of the lightbulb is so fun!

  8. How fun that you've kept up the tradition with your daughter. I have been making ornaments this year, which is a lot of fun! I've primarily been using paper and wood. Thanks for sharing this fun mix of ideas.

  9. Silver spray painted toothpicks!! What a great idea. I love. Thanks for sharing all of these finds!


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